Our Story

Modern Primal was born from the need to counter the daily and constant bombardment of chemicals we get from global corporations, big pharma and unfortunately - shady "natural" companies.

Everywhere we look, products like toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, floss and even deodorant are filled with toxins.

Instead of these products helping us, they attack our bodies.

Holding us back.

Not allowing our bodies & minds to express itself to its highest level.

But through the "Modern Primal" way we're able to offer products that are non-toxic and loaded with ingredients that are proven to work.

Now as the name suggests, we try to combine the values of ancestral living while at the same time putting a modern twist to it. We strongly believe in many ancestral ways like diet that should be untouched but also think we should not revert back to our "cave dwelling" ways and ignore advancements by OUR ancestors.

For example...

Instead of using twigs or horse hair to floss, a Modern Primal would use natural silk coated in beeswax.

Or while we're fans of embracing our natural pheromones, a Modern Primal wouldn't mind using a bar of soap or deodorant made from natural fat WHEN appropriate.

Lastly, instead of not brushing our teeth, using dirt (clay) filled with toxins or store-bought toothpaste to brush, using a toothpowder with little but effective ingredients, would be the "Modern Primal" way,

In fact, people already live this lifestyle through weight lifting, MMA, or buying food from a regenerative farm. Now there are products to match that mindset.

So if you admire our ancestors and the ancestral lifestyle.

While at the same time respecting advancements in knowledge...

You're a Modern Primal.

Welcome to the Tribe.