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Welcome to Modern Primal

October 14, 2014 Ancestral Diet 0

Whether you’re 100% Paleo, a Cross-Fit junkie, a foodie, or just looking for a healthier way of eating Modern Primal¬†endeavors to help save you time and money. Hopefully, it will become a community of like-minded people sharing resources, recipes, and experiences that can benefit us all.

I was lucky to have a friend well versed in buying whole and half cows, and she pointed me in the right direction Рthank you, Sarah. However, I still had to find the farm I wanted to buy beef from because buying in bulk is a commitment as you can well imagine. Therefore, I want to do the same for you as Sarah did for me by pointing you in the right direction.

Along the way I learned that all grass-fed beef is not created equal. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the flavor, as well as the appeal:

  • Is it like shoe leather, or like butter after you painstakingly cook it slow and low as suggested for grass-fed meat?
  • Is it aged, and for how long?
  • Did the butcher know what he was doing? A bad butcher can ruin your cow!
  • How is it packaged? Are they using butcher paper you can’t see through, or vacuum sealing it in plastic bags that are labeled?
  • Is it USDA inspected, and is that cost passed on to you as the consumer?

I personally bought beef from 3 different sources, and I know my friend Sarah has tried at least 2 others (one as far away as Georgia after a bad butcher experience) and I can say with confidence that Florida Fresh Meat is the best! Please feel free to visit the website for more information…www.floridafreshmeat.com, and check back on this blog for more informational posts to come.


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